Ponder: The Socratic Way

The purpose of Ponder: The Socratic Way™  is to stimulate critical thinking.  Students are provided with unpredictable patient scenarios that change constantly during play.  The instructor helps facilitate play by encouraging questions throughout the game.  Discussion after answering the questions and even adding questions by the instructor and/or students is encouraged for a richer experience when valuable “teaching moments” present themselves.  Students will participate by answering questions and thinking through situations.  The instructor may wish to allow students the option of using books, smart phones, or other resources to help answer the questions. This game implements all facets of the nursing process: assessment, diagnoses, planning, implementation, and evaluation. There are heart and lung sounds for audio learners, role playing for hands on learners, and photographs for visual learners.

The game was developed by Dr. Hallie Bensinger of LifeCareSim, and the Studio developed the visual design and production for Ponder with Innerworkings of Chicago.






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